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Discover Saudi Arabia, and explore the beauty and diversity of its most fascinating places. This is the land of generosity and kindness, and we invite you to experience the country and its people through several amazing tourism trips that place Saudi Arabia right into your hands. Travel to the desert, climb the mountains, catch fish, dive into the sea of beauty and surprises, experience the history and civilizations of different eras, taste the delicious cuisine, and enjoy the most beautiful folk dances and art. This is where your journey begins... Are you ready?


Jazan Province is located in the far southwestern corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its beautiful beaches and shorelines, it is fast becoming a hot spot for beach and marine tourism. Moreover, its vast natural areas and mountainous terrains make it an ideal area for wellness resorts and spas.


By virtue of its unique location, the Eastern Province is a hot spot on the GCC tourism map, especially so, after the completion of tourism mega-projects, such as the Eastern Waterfront which extends from Al Khobar to Jubail, in addition to friendly family sites consistent with the Saudi traditions and customs.


Tabouk Province is a major destination for beach and marine tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Tabouk represents a unique example of desert environment, and is a rich repository for antiquities and monuments of cultural heritage. A visit to this region is guaranteed to be filled with all the natural picturesque components, museums, heritage palaces, and the important archaeological sites.


The Al Jouf province includes a number of sites that offer visitors a great opportunity to spend a most beautiful vacation exploring Al Jouf agricultural farms and visiting the cultural and heritage sites. Al –Jouf is notable for its abundant agricultural water, making possible the cultivation of dates (200,000 palms) and olives (12,000,000 trees), as well as other agricultural products.


Tourist attractions and events are diverse in Al Qaseem Province. Al Qassim is the ideal destination for a short break or weekend getaway. During your visit, you can taste the most delicious dates, explore unique built heritage and appreciate traditional handicrafts. Visiting souks (markets), touring the local museums, and enjoying the beauty of palm groves and fruit orchards, there is plenty to do and see in Al Qassim region. Things to do in Al Qassem are but not limited to Al Nakheel Mall, Al Bassam House and Qassim festivals.


Baha is distinguished by its unique urban style as one of the oldest inhabited areas in the region. Local stones were used in the construction of houses that overlook stunning views of the hillsides. They represent models of traditional villages. The town also includes several watchtowers, castles, forts and archaeological sites. It is characterized with spectacular scenery, a mountain environment and a moderate climate in both summer and winter.