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The popular tourist attraction regions of Saudi Arabia are Riyadh region, Qassim province, Hail province, Tabuk region, Eastern region, Madinah province, Makkah region, Jazan region, Najran region, Al Baha province, Asir region, Al Jouf province, Northern border region.


Makkah is a jewel of the civilizations that highlights the vibrant tall mountains, where the great tourism diversity boast with religious landmarks and popular markets decorated with fragrant past, authentic culture, sophisticated variety. Diversity in Makkah simulates a dazzling charm forcing you to discover all the spectrum, and visiting the cave of Hira to see its tops and buildings around the region and Al-popular market filled with beautiful widgets and must go to the towers House the largest spaces in the world towers.


Al Madina is the administrative center of the Madina province, as well as the most important Islamic city. A city of peace and tranquility, where many historic and archaeological sites along with several Islamic historic battle sites are found here. Madinah is rich in culture, heritage and museums. Vast date plantations and ancient traditional markets (Souks) alongside modern shopping malls and arcades abound here. “Ancient cities” like Mada’en Saleh take you back to the old times when the Romans and Nabateans lived in Arabia. The Museum of "marine life" will give you an experience of being under water and scuba diving.


Riyadh is known for its beauty and charm. Located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, it is where you will find both the rich history and culture as well as exciting modern life style. A bustling metropolis, Riyadh is the center of business, shopping, culture and entertainment, with events and festivals taking place throughout the year. Riyadh is the tourism and business destination for a visitor who is seeking Arabian hospitality, excellent tourism services and a superb shopping experience in the most magnificent and modern malls. Visitors can also enjoy delicious and unforgettable meals at the variety of fine restaurants and cafes. In addition, Riyadh features a cluster of natural sites like gardens, parks and wildlife reserves, which provide visitors with fascinating and relaxing places to unwind.


Al-Qassim province is rich in heritage, nature and traditional crafts. Its geographic location has made it a hub of diverse cultures and a variety of festivals. Al Qassim is the ideal destination for a short break or weekend getaway. During your visit, you can taste the most delicious dates, explore unique built heritage and appreciate traditional handicrafts. Visiting souks (markets), touring the local museums, and enjoying the beauty of palm groves and fruit orchards, there is plenty to do and see in Al Qassim region.


Ha’il the land of famous poet Hatem Al-Ta’i, stories about whose extreme generosity dot the entire Arab world and the Asia region. Hail is considered as the fruit of Aja Mountain, which is the source of abundant fresh water streams. Hail is a place to enjoy watching starry skies in the nights surrounded by golden Nafud sands. You can spend hours gazing at the beautiful Aja mountain peaks or climb to their tops. Participate in the bird hunting trips, enjoy sand-boarding and sand-duning using 4x4 vehicles in the Nafud desert. And you can explore the castles and forts, and the dams that are built using black stones abundant in the area. Explore even further and visit the Jubbah archaeological area, which is famous for being the largest rock inscription site in the Kingdom.


Tabouk region is a major destination for marine tourism with many beaches and coasts. Its amazing desert nature, unique locations, and cultural heritage landmarks, provide a mix of adventure and leisure tourism for the visitor. Historical monuments indicate to Tabuk as a home to many Nations, such as the Thamud, Aramean, and Nabataeans. Human presence in the northern part of the Kingdom since centuries BC has been evidenced by Tyma archaeological remains associated with Mesopotamia. Impact of several important historical epochs is felt here, such as the Nabateans civilization, the Edomite civilization, and the Islamic periods, including the Mamluk and Ottoman rules. Coastal areas are equipped with with brilliant and pristine beaches, scenic Islands of various sizes scattered along its coast, and natural coral reefs dispersed across the coastline. The region is also known for its variety of flora and fauna, and diverse natural sites like sandy deserts, hills, and exceptional rock formations.


Eastern Province is home to most of the oil production of Saudi Arabia. Located in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it is like a jewel with bright colors with major cities like Al Dammam and Al-Khobar. It boasts of beautiful gardens and sandy beaches on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. It is a combination of emerald green sea, beautiful Corniches and green Oases, in addition to sprawling desert where sights extend for miles together to distant horizons. you can head to the Marjan Island here and get a breathtaking view in the evenings. If you want to know the history of the city, do visit Al Dammam Regional Museum, which has the several halls bedecked with Neolithic and transition period artifacts. Also to spend an interesting shopping time you will find many distinct shopping centers to meet your exotic needs.


Jazan is called as the nature’s treasure and the Pearl of the South and a place of generosity, kindness, and finest hospitality. It has high mountains with perennial green cover and they also include spectacular waterfalls that create most beautiful lakes which are no less splendorous than the pristine beaches in the islands nearby. You can visit the beaches, islands, and the amazing coral reefs lurking under the sea’s depths, or you can learn about the evolution and archaeological sites in the Jazan Archeological and Heritage Museum, or you can visit the Abu Areesh and Al-Dawseriyah castles. You can also learn about the Fursan islands, which include a range of natural monuments, or you can travel to the Al-Eidabi governorate to enjoy watching the Razan Valley, which is a piece of paradise on earth.


Najran is a seat of history and civilization holding rich and enduring historical diversity. Najran city is the administrative center of the Najran Province, where historical buildings, scenic nature, nature reserves, theme parks, gardens and traditional Souks (market places) create a unique tourism diversity. You can chose to participate in its diverse traditional games, or visit the local heritage and historical museums, which take you back to the most beautiful time. Enjoy the diversity of the natural environment and enrich your senses with the heritage and historical sites. While in Najran, don’t forget to shop at the most beautiful and diversified popular Souks. Amaze your sights with the wonderful engineering techniques that went into construction of the historical Amarah Palace, linking the traditional past with the future within the historic abode. Don’t just stop there! Hazen and visit the Okhdood archaeological site to be surprised by its mysteries and ancient secrets of over 1700 years old.


Al Baha, rich with natural resources and a delightful tourism destination, is known for its cool weather and natural diversity. Its charm lies in the architectural heritage, folk arts, crafts, heritage and buildings. Experience the adventure found in the lush, green tourism resorts in the middle of Al-Baha mountains. Enjoy the fascinating views, watch the best traditional arts and discover its heritage buildings. Get ready for a fascinating adventure. Al-Baha is fairylike with all its components of heritage, culture and breathtaking nature. Venture into Raghdan forest where diversity and fun awaits you. Visit the traditional Souks and enjoy the old fascinating crafts, and be impressed by the Dhi Ain village sitting atop white stones.


Aseer province is as if sitting over the shoulders of moving clouds like in a fantasy. The diversity of the terrain is reflected in its towering mountains, flat plains, beautiful marine and coastline rich in spectacular scenery in vibrant colors. The salubrious climate, beautiful heritage buildings, palaces, and the historic castles in Asser will take you to the most beautiful times. A good place to start your discovery and adventure is to visit the popular Al Sawdah market, where you will find many ancient and natural products. Ride the Telpherage cable cars to the Al Sawdah scenic resort. Don’t forget to stop at Rejal Ma, it will inspire your senses with beauty and fragrance.


Al Jouf is an olive oil resort of Saudi Arabia. The atmosphere is usually filled with the sweet aroma of olives. It is the home to a diverse natural environment, and a place of deep cultural heritage and handicrafts. Its strategic location has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Kingdom. Al Jouf is a perfect destination, where you can spend your special moments. It is a different world where dazzling and diverse cultural heritage takes you back in time and you can relish the high quality olives and delicious dates, as well as converge upon the beautiful handicrafts. Al Jouf has a multi-spectral terrain. Its strategic location resulted in impressive monuments like the historic Zabal Fort, which is a unique and popular site to visit and explore, and the Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque is distinguished for its resilient and appealing high-rise minaret. The famous Kaf village that still maintains the ancient style of short mud houses.


The Northern Borders is a land with rich history and endless adventures. It is also known for prominent archaeological and historical sites. Nature reserves and beautiful suburbs fill this region. Northern Borders have been the North Gate of Arabian Peninsula since antiquity; hence hold significant historical and geographical importance to the Kingdom. Here, you find yourself in the midst of captivating landscape, beautiful gardens, nature parks, and desert sand dunes. You can also experience the thrill of hunting with falcons in the wilds, as it is the natural home for hawks. An adventure you can never forget. Access to Northern Borders is easy from any part of the Kingdom because it is linked with the rest of the country by a network of modern highways. It is also strategic on the main routes between Jordan and Syria in the North and the Gulf States in the East. There are three regional airports in in the Northern Borders, ArAr, Rafha and Tarif, with air links to all other regions of the Kingdom.