Arabian Camp was established in 1997 as a branch of Arab Agency for Trading and Marketing Ltd. It was established in 1985. Khalid Khafagy owns it.

The idea of Arabian camp begins in early 1996, when I went on a trip to qalaa alzomuroda (Emerald Fortress). A pilgrims caravan rest place especially for the pilgrims coming from alsham (the north). This trip was organized by the Saudi Arabian Natural History Society, which is run by a group of westerners who are interested in finding and exploring ancient areas of Saudi Arabia. I was fascinated and driven to find out by searching, the area of interest that has been an area of historical significant to history. This began my career as a guide organizing trips for the society until I began Arabian camp officially.

The Arabian Camp is specialized in organizing desert and sea world camping trips.Arabian Camp was the first to organize diving camp trips to Farasan Islands (The Islands which Jacques Cousteau described in the living sea as having one of the most interesting corals ecosystems in the world)

Currently Arabian camp is organizing desert trips to all the kingdom areas that including monitoring stars with an advance telescope. Also, we are organizing sea trips; live aboard, diving and snorkeling adventures.

We can organize packages for Tourists, Company staff, Hospitals staff and Students of Schools or Colleges.

Arabian camp has a Tourist Guides licensed from the General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities.Khalid is Member of Tourist Guides Consultant Committee and Member of Marine Activities Committee in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & industry.

Arabian Camp Diving instructor & dive master are licensed from PADI.